100 Who Care - Charlotte

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The idea for this group comes from the book, BE THE MIRACLE: 50 LESSONS FOR MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE, by Regina Brett
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One hundred members gather [quarterly] for one hour. The group even sets an egg timer for 60 minutes so the meetings don't go over the time limit. Every person brings their checkbook and the name of a charity they'd like to help. The names of the charities are collected in a basket and three are chosen at random. The three people who suggested those three charities each give a five-minute presentation on why that charity is worthiest. Then they take five minutes to answer any questions.
Members then cast ballots to decide which charity will get all the money. As soon as the charity is chosen, everyone writes out a $100 check for it. Even if you didn't vote for the charity, you respect the majority vote and donate. Even if you can't attend a quarterly meeting, you send your check with another member.
The person who suggested the charity gets to take the $10,000 or more in checks directly to the charity. At the next meeting, they share how the money was used and what impact was made.
It's the perfect way to give for those who are busy and can't find time to volunteer, want 100 percent of their money going to a local charity, and want to be part of a group of generous, thoughtful people making a difference.